personality schmersonality ( WAS Re: util-linux-2.12 troubles )

Shelton shelton at
Mon Jan 5 15:07:11 PST 2004

so i found out where i went wrong, and for those that are 
interested, dig it....
Comparing my command history w/ THE BOOK I found that I 
had forgotten one wee little command during the 1st pass 
install of gcc-3.3.1

ln -sf gcc /tools/bin/cc

So I decided that because it was such an early step that 
I biffed, I may as well start over, from scratch, as the 
saying goes. Good thing too. Along the way I had a small 
problem where I had to feed the patch configure script my 
host type. This did not happen the second time around.

So now everything is going picture perfect according to 
the book. The Moral? PAY ATTENTION!


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