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Mon Jan 5 14:51:07 PST 2004

On Sun, 04 Jan 2004 12:20:54 -0800, cfk <cfk_alter_ego at> wrote:

> This is just a double check. I just received the book with CD and am 
> going
> through the installation carefully (I hope).
> I have noticed a few things that give me a little pause. The first is 
> that
> in the findutils installation, the three files bigram, code and frcode 
> end
> up in /mnt/lfs/static/libexec and not in /mnt/lfs/static/bin. Should I be
> concerned??


> The next, is that in the next step for gawk-3.1.1 that the two 
> executables
> grcat and pwcat are not created. Now I did not apply the patch for gawk, 
> as
> the instructions say nothing about this patch. The question is again,
> "Should I be concerned?"

no. And in case you do get confused at some point, you are right to not 
apply the patch. There are many patches for many pieces of software and 
some only need to be applied at certain times so you should only apply the 
patches when the book tells you to.

> Charles

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