solved kernel 2.4.22 build-on-LFS problem

edwin at edwin at
Mon Jan 5 13:53:48 PST 2004

On Wed, 31 Dec 2003, Ken Moffat wrote:

> On Wed, 31 Dec 2003 edwin at wrote:
> >
> > I've got a nearly-working LFS 5.0 system built from a RedHat7.3 host
> > system, however I cannot successfully build a 2.4.22 kernel that boots.
> > Every kernel I have built on the LFS 5.0 system hangs at the
> > "Ok, booting the kernel" stage (or fails to display on the console).
> >
>  Maybe we ought to get a 5.1 out using a newer kernel to avoid the
> security problem ?  Not that I like vanilla 2.4.23, but it's safer than
> 2.4.22.

LFS seems pretty kernel independant.  I doubt a 5.1 release is necessary
just to tell folks to upgrade the kernel.  

> >
> > Where's the problem?  GRUB? Kernel Config? LFS?  A brief search of the net
> > did not find anything on the kernel lists that answered the question.
>  I've seen lots of similar problems reported, almost always because the
> builder ended up with the wrong cpu in the .config.  Very occasionally
> you might see a Cyrix or Via processor where the kernel
> infrastructure has become buggy - in those cases, try building for i386
> and if that works give i586 a try (with different EXTRAVERSION settings
> in the Makefile, to separate the different modules).

Thanks for the advice.  The problem IS the kernel config somewhere, 
although I still don't know where.  The machine is a intel 686 so I don't 
think cpu options are the issue.

What I wound up doing was installing redhat's kernel source rpm on the 
host system and copying the redhat 7.3 i686 config for kernel 2.4.18
into the 2.4.22 source tree and making oldconfig.  Took forever to build 
the kernel of course because redhat turns EVERYTHING on, but the kernel
does boot on LFS.  I've diffed my trial kernel config and redhat's, and 
I'm gonna work my way through the file to see what I might have done 
wrong.  I did note that redhat enables framebuffer console which I didn't,
although it doesn't look like I'm getting FB console. 

If this happens to a lot of folks, perhaps a fairly safe kernel config 
file could be included with LFS?  I realize that kernel documentation can 
be found elsewhere and is really too big to discuss in the LFS book 
proper, but a default .config that would work on most systems might help.

Starting to work my way through BLFS 5...


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