curious about in-directory builds of tcl, expect, dejagnu

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Mon Jan 5 01:41:09 PST 2004

  nothing serious, but given that the first few components of the
LFS system were built in a separate build directory (so that one
ran their "configure" programs with ../../<package>/configure, or
something to that effect), i was just curious why the next few
packages -- tcl, expect, dejagnu -- were built in place when they
could have been built the same way.

  to keep things clean, i like to use the following directory

	tarballs/	for the original tarballs
	patches/	patches for the above
	sources/	un-tarred tarballs, each in a subdirectory
	build/		subdirectories for actual builds

  this lets me do all the building under the build/ directory, and 
leaves the sources/ directories untouched, in case i want to go back
later and redo something.

  like i said, it's a minor point, but i was just puzzled by why
the first few packages were built in a separate directory, and after
that, they were built in place in their source directory for no
apparent reason.


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