LFS starting from Windows XP

Leho eesnimi.perenimi.002 at mail.ee
Sat Jan 3 11:09:41 PST 2004

Albert Wagner wrote:
> My old machine with LFS 4.0 and LFS 4.1 died with a hardware problem.  I
> bought a new machine with Windows XP installed.  It came with the whole
> harddisk allocated to C:  I know next to nothing about Windows.  The new
> machine also has a CD-RW drive, which I also know nothing about.  So, I
> would appreciate some advice about how best to proceed.
> (1) I can discover no way to shrink the partition size of the C: drive, so I
> assume that I will just have to go cold turkey and lose the Windows
> installation when I repartition.
> (2) I have downloaded Jeremy's boot cd from www.jutley.org/bootcd.  This
> downloaded as a *.bz2 file.  How do I unpack this on Windows in prep for
> burning?  I have never burned a cd before.  Does this cd have the necessary
> program for repartitioning the harddrive? (fdisk I assume).
> (3)  I also have SuSE 7.1 disks.  Are these adequate for use as a host for
> building LFS 5.0?
> Any other caveats I should be aware of?  Once partitioning starts I will be
> without the ability to email or download for a time.  Kinda spooky.
> Albert
If you have it FAT 32 then defragment it and use fips.

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