SOLVED (was: Re: Power Off after shutdown)

Elmar Athmer linux at
Fri Jan 2 12:40:14 PST 2004


I was writing the answer to the mailinglist, while I found the error...

> Power Management is a kernel function, you need to enable it in the
This told me, that the only error could be somewhere in the Kernel 
configuration, but I was sure I built the kernel exactly as I did at Debian 
To be really sure (and looking if ACPI was turned off) I compared the 
Debian-Kernel-Config to the LFS-Kernel-Config, and found the difference: I 
didn't switch off SMP-Support, with turning this off the system powers off. I 
was never so happy to see my PC turning off ;-).

Because you wanted to extend the FAQ: APM works as a module (for my computer), 
without any parameters, and even if ACPI ist turned on it works.

These are my complete (APM) settings:
<M>   Advanced Power Management BIOS support
[ ]     Ignore USER SUSPEND
[*]     Enable PM at boot time
[*]     Make CPU Idle calls when idle
[*]     Enable console blanking using APM //this switches off the screen
[ ]     RTC stores time in GMT
[ ]     Allow interrupts during APM BIOS calls
[ ]     Use real mode APM BIOS call to power off //with this option turned on 
power off didn't work on debian, with LFS I didn't ever turn it on	

So thanks again for everyone spending a thought on my problem.

If you need more information to extend the FAQ I would be glad to help!

Elmar (now turning on and off the PC all day... ;-))

Wenn Blechtrommeln aus Blech sind, woraus sind dann Nebelhörner?

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