Arrgh! Broken compiler, I think. How to fix?

Jeremy Henty jeremy at
Fri Jan 2 02:58:32 PST 2004

Happy New Year people!  I had a fun Christmas, but the New Year is
starting with a glitch: it appears I have a broken LFS-4.1 system, so
I need advice on fixing it.

All looked fine until I tried to compile my first Qt application
(Muse) when uic started segfaulting during the build.  I searched the
archives for "qt uic segfault" and it looks like my compiler is
broken.  If I try the "readelf -s crtbeginS.o | grep HIDDEN" test
described in
it fails: I get no output instead of a reference to __dso_handle .

So, how much work does it take to fix this?  In
someone describes fixing a similar problem by just recompiling
binutils, gcc and qt.  Is that enough?  Are there any other
diagnostics I should run before starting work?

Thanks in advance, 


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