Power Off after shutdown

Elmar Athmer linux at nixus-minimax.de
Thu Jan 1 10:45:47 PST 2004


> This is a prime
> candidate for a
> canned "read the
> FAQ" response
> (http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/faq.html#no-poweroff).
I read the FAQ before I wrote the mail, but I was smart enough to know, 
that I have to activate APM in the Kernel/General Setup.

>  I'd suggest
> compiling APM support directly into the kernel (not as a module) and see
> if that fixes things.


 >  I assume here that you're doing a "shutdown -h
> now" to bring the box down, otherwise `shutdown` defaults to bringing it
> down to runlevel 1 which won't shut the power off.

I always used shutdown -h.

I also tried halt -p and adding apm=on to the kernel paramenter, but 
still my system doesn't power off.


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