glibc-3.3.2 io error

Daryl Lee dlee at
Sat Feb 28 14:56:39 PST 2004

On Sat, Feb 28, 2004 at 02:42:51PM -0700, Kevin P. Fleming wrote: 
> Daryl Lee wrote: 
> >GCONV_PATH=/sources/glibc-build/iconvdata LC_ALL=C \
> >/sources/glibc-build/elf/ --library-path \
> >/sources/glibc-build:/sources/glibc-build/math:/sources/glibc-build/elf:\
> >/sources/glibc-build/dlfcn:/sources/glibc-build/nss:/sources/glibc-build/nis:\
> >/sources/glibc-build/rt:/sources/glibc-build/resolv:/sources/glibc-build/crypt:\
> >/sources/glibc-build/linuxthreads /sources/glibc-build/io/test-lfs  \
> >
> >>/sources/glibc-build/io/test-lfs.out
> >
> >Timed out: killed the child process
> test-lfs creates a slightly more than 2GB sparse file and writes some 
> stuff into it. This should not ever take long, unless something is badly 
> wrong with your system.

I think it would be a notable improvement in the documentation to warn
the user that 2GB must be available.  The actual notice to the user is
at the top of this page:
Approximate build time:  12.3 SBU
Required disk space:     784 MB.

> What filesystem are building on? What kernel are you running?

Filesystem for SuSE 9.0 is reiserfs; kernel = 2.4.21-144-default

Actual space available reported AFTER this test is about 1.5GB.  I will
free up some space and try again.

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