More Problems ... SIOCADDRT

K. Mike Bradley kmb at
Sat Feb 28 07:42:11 PST 2004

Well, I use a Linksys 10/100 Etherfast or whatever, which is a Tulip-based
card, and uses the tulip.o module. I do not have a second Ethernet card. So,
in my modules.conf, I have the following lines:

alias eth0 tulip
alias eth1 off

This identifies the eth0 device with the tulip.o module, which I compiled
with the kernel. 


I followed the book. Now I gota go back and recompile the kernel for each
NIC I might have?
I wanted to end up with a bootable CDROM from which I could install Linux
manually with scripts.
Where is the modules.conf?
How do I identify my NIC?
Where do I get the correct module?

What now?
Has Bill Gates won after all?

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