LFS 5.1 pre1: linux header files and glibc

rdought at pacifier.com rdought at pacifier.com
Fri Feb 27 20:50:55 PST 2004

I am working on building my first LFS system and was following LFS 5.1 pre1.  I ran into a couple of problems.

1) when installing the linux headers, it specifies:

There are a few kernel header files which make use of the autoconf.h header file. Since we do not yet configure the kernel, we need to create this file ourselves in order to avoid compilation failures. Create an empty autoconf.h file:

touch /tools/include/linux/autoconf.h

Well, the linux subdirectory didn't exist, so I created it and the empty header file and moved on....

2) when installing Glibc-2.3.3, I run the configure script as specified, but get this error:

checking installed Linux kernel header files... TOO OLD!
configure: error: GNU libc requires kernel header files from
Linux 2.0.10 or later to be installed before configuring.
The kernel header files are found usually in /usr/include/asm and
/usr/include/linux; make sure these directories use files from
Linux 2.0.10 or later.  This check uses <linux/version.h>, so
make sure that file was built correctly when installing the kernel header
files.  To use kernel headers not from /usr/include/linux, use the
configure option --with-headers.

In the configuration command, the specification is:


Can anyone help me with what I'm missing.


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