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Thu Feb 26 09:26:25 PST 2004

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, Daryl Lee wrote:

> I started my LFS project, and then switched machines (I was using my
> home "production" server, and that wasn't such a smart thing to do!).  I
> tried to remove /lfs off the first machine, but ran into problems with
> /proc and /dev.  How do I clean up after myself?

Make sure that *nothing* is currently mounted on those directories. Then
_very_carefully_ use the "rm -rf <path-to-the-offendee>". Again,
_very_carefully_. Make sure that you are *not* hitting the production
directory structure. You can help assure this by

cd /lfs
pwd  # make sure it shows what you want to see and then
rm -rf proc  # note *no* leading path, this ensures it starts with ./
             # and should not get into your root directory.
# etc.

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Bill Maltby
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