Installing gcc-3.3.1 in chapter 6 fails

Mike Mills mmills at
Mon Feb 23 14:17:03 PST 2004

Hello there!

I was having a problem and found a similiar entry in your support forums:

I believe I have resolved it and would like to pass on the nugget of information that I used to fix the problem.

The first time I compiled GCC, I extracted the files into the gcc-3.3.1 folder under sources.

The second time I compiled GCC, I used those sources.

The third time I was supposed to have deleted those sources, re-extracted them, and patched them with different patches -
specifically excluding one patch that was used on the first compile.

On the third compile, I got the exact error described in the forum message.

I deleted the gcc-3.3.1 sources folder, re-extracted and re-patched them correctly, and then it worked!

Just FYI!

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