Problem booting from CF-ATA adapter... (SOLVED)

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Sat Feb 21 16:32:27 PST 2004

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> Hello,
> I am having a hell of a time configuring a system that I've put together.
> I'm using an EPIA M10000 board w/ 512MB RAM.  My drives are connected as
> follows:
> Primary Master - 40GB 2.5" HDD (/dev/hda)
> Primary Slave - (none)
> Secondary Master - Slim DVD/CD-RW (/dev/cdrom)
> Secondary Slave - ACS ATA-CF adapter (/dev/hdd; mounted as /mnt/cf)
> I'm trying to use the hard drive as only data storage and I want to boot
> from the CF adapter and run from a ramdrive.  I've temporarily installed
> RedHat9 (this will eventually be an LFS system, I'm just trying to get
> going)
> to /dev/hda and trimmed it down (a real cursory effort) to 300MB.  I
> zipped that up as my root image (to use via initrd).  I then added one
> partition to a 256MB CF card, formatted it ext2, and created the following
> file tree:
> /boot/boot.b (from the RedHat install)
> /boot/map (from the RedHat install)
> /boot/rootimg.gz (the zipped RedHat install image)
> /boot/vmlinuz (from the RedHat install)
> /dev/hdd (the CF adapter is /dev/hdd)
> /dev/hdd1 (the first CF adapter partition is /dev/hdd1)
> /dev/ram0 (where the ramdrive will be for the root fs)
> /etc/lilo.conf (the config)
> My lilo.conf is as follows (lilo run as "lilo -r /mnt/cf"):
> boot=/dev/hdd
> disk=/dev/hdd
> bios=0x82
> lba32
> map=/boot/map
> install=/boot/boot.b
> prompt
> timeout=50
> image=/boot/vmlinuz
>     ramdisk=350000
>     label=Flash
>     root=/dev/ram0
>     initrd=/boot/rootimg.gz
>     append="root=/dev/ram0"
> Basically, all I get when I boot is an endless stream of "L\n":
> L
> L
> L
> L
> L
> etc.
> At this point, I'm at a loss.  The last progress I made was using "lba32".
> Prior to that I was getting "L 01 01 01 01...".  Basically, it looks like
> the second stage loader can't be found, but I can't come up with a good
> reason for that.

So, the interesting thing is that it appears that linux always wants to use
LBA on IDE drives.  As a result, when I set my adressing to CHS to input the
proper geometry, there was a conflict.  When I go into the BIOS and force
the CF-IDE to LBA and use LBA in GRUB, things work nicely.  Now if I could
only get booting into a ramdrive to work, I'd be set; but that's another


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