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Sat Feb 21 07:05:29 PST 2004

On 2004-02-21 01:27:47 +0000, Richard Hamilton wrote:
> I'm to the point where I need to determine how to start my shinny new 
> LFS system. What are some of the cons of using depinit?
None ;-)

Seriously, the worst is that I have a full time job, and might not have
time to reply to you until the weekend.

The next worst is if you put a mistake with sig_quit (used for login) or
its dependencies, you cannot log in. The documentation includes ways to
work around this while you diagnose the problem.

Next on my list would be problems with missing dependencies. If you
miss one, booting up fully depends on race conditions. As long as
you can log in, you can normally see the problem in the logs, start the
missing items by hand and add the dependency.

Until I get around to improving the documentation, and adding some
new scripts, it helps if you have a reasonable understanding of linux
so you can add you own scripts. All the things I have added recently
were simple viariations of existing patterns.

There are some bits which I have been on my todo list for months, but
I have not got arround to them because they do not interest me, and
no-one has asked for them. For example:

*) The example scripts use the user's gnupg key for login
   authentication. I should give a more standard example.
*) There is no traditional shutdown command. I just use ctrl-alt-del
   or 'depctl -q'. It would not be hard to make one, but I am a bit
*) I have started on maintaining the utmp and wtmp databases, but
   have not got arround to finidhing that off.

I should update the website, and remove the 'a bit experimental'
comment. I have not had to make any changes to depinit for months.
I have made lots scripts, and I am part way through upgrading
the documentation generator so I can more easily include new and
improved scripts.

I am keen to hear from people who try depinit. Judging by the number
of e-mails I recieve, there are not that many.

Never use the words 'Evil Diabolical Plan' on your resume.

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