test failure, glibc make check (chroot pass)

Bob Morgan wb5aoh at wb5aoh.dyndns.org
Fri Feb 20 14:29:54 PST 2004

Ken Moffat writes:
 > On Fri, 20 Feb 2004, Bob Morgan wrote:
 > > This is perl, v5.8.0 built for i586-linux
 > >
 > > Note above that when I execute the lfs copy of perl (5.8) from outside chroot,
 > > it DOES run the executable, but running a command similar to that which
 > > glibc configure is running to test perl for useability, perl can't find
 > > the Config.pm file it needs to look up the symbols it is being queried for.
 > > Now note I can find things manually:
 >  Blimey, I tought you were a perl wizard until you said that.  I really
 > haven't got a clue what all that stuff does :)
 >  I'm lost in your detail, but are you saying that perl seems to work
 > inside chroot, but not for the configure script ?  That doesn't make
 > sense.  If you're _not_ saying that, use ldd on the version in /tools,
 > from outside chroot, to see what it's linked to.
 >  In my case, I'd managed to move the files to the 5.8.0 directory, but I
 > was actually installing 5.8.2 so it didn't find them in @INC@ (lack of
 > attention to detail when putting a new version into the script).
 > Ken
 > -- 

I think that what I am saying is that the lfs-built install of perl
can't find its config file under any circumstances.  Also I am noting
that what I see in the glibc configure script doesn't quite match the
precise spelling of the variables that I find in the perl config.  No,
I know next to nothing about perl, I am just grepping around looking
for mismatches and omissions.

Point well taken about testing with ldd.  I also got another response
offline from someone else that essentially said that I ought to move
the perl Config.pm to some other location(s) in the @INC string it is
spitting out.  Those will be this weekend's projects.  The box in
question is at home, and the email accessibility is at work, so it
will probably be Monday afternoon here before I get a chance to
get back on the list.

I guess my question about @INC is:  I can see the string being spit out
in the error message, but where is perl finding it in the first place?
It can't find the config file, this looks like a list of possible places
it knows to look for it, and I am assuming it got included in the codespace
at compiletime, since it obviously knows about the /tools directory.  I
am also assuming that it can look in each of the possible locations it
is listing, but the experimentation will take the form of moving the
Config.pm around and rerunning glibc-make and seeing if the problem
goes away.  Assuming of course that ldd on the perl binary does not
turn up anything that is linked outside of chroot.  (Actually, that
is the first suspicion here and now.)  Probably will know more about
the problem next week.

Thanks, Bob

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