glibc - make (chap 5) error 127

Atkins, Brian BAtkins at
Fri Feb 20 05:46:56 PST 2004

OK, I tried again from the beginning last night.  Everything went smoothly,
up to a point.  I kicked off the make for glibc-2.3.2 (chap 5, pgs 68-72),
then went to bed.  This morning, I saw that it bombed out with the error
"execvp: gcc: too many level of symbolic links" and "gcc:
[../glibc-build/csu/init-first.o] Error 127".

I saw a reference to this error in the support mailing list archives, but
from what I saw it looked like the guy gave up (sort of), installed Mandrake
as a host distro, then deviated from the book by setting his own $CFLAGS.

I'm going to go back to it tonight and wipe everything and start from square
one, unless someone has an idea as to why I might be getting the error.

When I started over last night, I went in and removed everything I had under
the /mnt/lfs filesystem except the main directories I created (source,
tools, glibc-build, gcc-build, and binutils-build).  I didn't verify the
symbolic link for /mnt/lfs/tools to /tools, but I ASSUMED that since I
didn't delete tools that it would be there.

Sorry if I sound like I'm writing just to write, but it helps me think
through problems and *hopefully* my experiences may help someone else later
down the line.


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