glibc-2.3.2 - make failed - chap6

Ken Moffat ken at
Thu Feb 19 17:00:05 PST 2004

On Fri, 20 Feb 2004, Pvl wrote:

> Sorry, I read the FAQ but I'm a newbie so, one error and I panic.

 No worries, it came across stronger than I intended.

> Here is the result of the ldd out of the chroot.
> ldd /tools/bin/gawk
> => /lib/ (0x4001c000)
> => /lib/ (0x4001f000)
> => /lib/ (0x40041000)
>          /lib/ => /lib/ (0x40000000)
>  >bad news
> ldd /tools/bin/cat
> => /tools/lib/ (0x40015000)
>          /tools/lib/ => /tools/lib/ (0x40000000)
>  >I think it's right.
> I don't know why only gawk is linked to /lib/, but cat,
> which is compiled just after, is linked to /tools/lib/

 No, me neither.  I've not seen that before.  I don't understand how it
can happen (but then, I'm not brilliant on how the toolchain works).

 I suggest you check example programs from the other packages, to make
sure that only gawk is affected.  As a work-around, I suggest
repeating the chapter 5 gawk build/install [ outside chroot ] to see if
that fixes it.

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