LFS 5.0: autoconf/automake problems ?

lanas lanas at t-online.de
Thu Feb 19 10:07:45 PST 2004

Le Jeudi 12 Février 2004 21:21, Ken Moffat a écrit :

Hello Ken,

  I'm not gone, just didn't had the time to pursue the topic lately.  
Nevertheless I made some tests and a pattern emerged quite quickly.  Please 
refer to previous posts on the subject if needed since I won't copy all the 
text again here.

>  Take a look at config.log in findutils.  

I did and surprisingly it was not revealing much.  I did diffs on that file 
between clean builds and the ones showing the error.  I can 'provoke' a clean 
build anytime when there's an error by simply doing the build manually.  You 
see, I'm using script files to build the system.  I've been doing that since 
LFS 3,3 but this time around something is fishy in a subtle way.  Everytime 
there's an error (with very specific packages such as findutils, gettext and 
two others - the rest of the packages are building fine under the same 
method) I erase the package's source tree, untar it again and issue the 
command by hand.  Works everytime.

Unfortunately I do not have the notes I've taken during the tests here, so I 
can post them at a later time.  On the other hand, maybe asking the alfs list 
would be more to the point since the problem seems to reside with using 
script files to install packages, in some "msyterious" way (since it works 
with most of the packages).



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