Version 5.0 / glibc-2.3.2 config error

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Thu Feb 19 06:32:29 PST 2004

See, that's' what I get for skimming.  I miss all the critical pieces.  Some
days I'd like to think that I can read 10K words a minute when in reality I
only get about 5K words.

Thanks once again, Kevin.

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Atkins, Brian wrote:

> I'm not sure how much space you guys have for storage, but have you ever
> thought about maintaining a build directory with everything that someone
> to this process would need to follow the instructions to a "T"? 

It's not a space issue, it's a bandwidth issue. The server hosting the 
LFS site has a monthly limit (although it was recently increased), and 
hosting all the packages would blow past that limit quickly.

There is a combined LFS-5.0 tarball available, some of the mirrors have 
it and it's available on a peer-to-peer network as well. They are all 
listed on the "Download" page of the LFS site.
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