LFS is not booting

Christian H. Kuhn official at qno.de
Wed Feb 18 06:58:40 PST 2004

Version: LFS 5.0

Problem: After rebooting in Chap.9, kernel is loaded. Initscript
S10swap complains about not finding /dev/hdb8, finishing with error
255. Mounting of proc is ok, dito mounting of / with /dev/hda7. Now
lfs is complaining about a missing fsck.ext3 (which should be found in
/sbin on /dev/hda7, where it is installed). After pressing enter, the
computer is powered down.

I tried to install a not-optimized (-O3 -march=athlon unset) version
of util-linux. No change.

ext3 is compiled into kernel.

What else could i have done wrong?


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