Albert Reiner areiner at
Wed Feb 18 03:18:02 PST 2004


by now I have successfully completed Chapter 5 of LFS 5.0, and am in
the early stages of Chapter 6.  Before I go on, however, I want to
make sure I understand at what point I can prevent some annoying PTY
behavior I am currently facing on my host (Knoppix-installed Debian):

On this host, 

- the pseudo terminals use a ridiculously small font (48 lines, 128
  characters wide),

- scrolling is extremely sluggish (to the point that I have turned to
  switching consoles when some process produces a lot of output),

- and switching between virtual consoles can take an enormous amount
  of time (say, seconds), especially under heavy load.

All of this is quite unacceptable behavior for me as I hate using X,
frequently switch between VCs, and in the long run very much need a
big font (something like 25 lines, 80 characters) that doesn't
unnecessarily strain my eyes when reading.

I am quite certain this is not related to the hardware: On my old
ex-SuSE 5.3 box I never had those problems, except under Knoppix
(which I used as a host for an attempt at an earlier LFS).

I wonder whether devpts might have something to do with the problems -
it is definitely mounted on my Knoppix/Debian host -, and what
measures I might have to take in order to get back *readable* and
*fast* pseudo terminals.  In case there is a trade-off, I would very
much prefer fast VCs restricted to only one of the ISO-8859-n
character sets as on my old system to what I have now.

Thanks for any information,


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