Missing Bintutils after completing all of Chap 6

whissper whissper at iinet.net.au
Mon Feb 16 13:28:55 PST 2004

Having worked my through all of 5.1Pre1 I was all set to compile the 
kernel when I got a ncurses library error in trying to 'make menuconfig'

I had a quick look and thought I would try and rebuild ncurses but then 
I get an interesting 'as not found'. gcc refuses to work despite being 
on the path and I have set CC=/usr/bin/gcc and still nothing. It looks 
like ALL of my Chap 6 binutils have been deleted.

Suggestions on what is the best course of action. I think my best option 
might be to start again at top of Chap 6 in the /tools environment and 
redo but I am interested in other ideas.


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