LFS on OLD machine

eklirmr at wanadoo.fr eklirmr at wanadoo.fr
Mon Feb 16 09:16:16 PST 2004

On Mon Feb 16 2004 at 00:07:35 (-0800), tbdewey at earthlink.net wrote:
> Thanks, Ken
> Each time I built the kernel I started over from the tar file and 
> followed the chapter 8 instructions.  I wasn't sharp enough to keep 
> the old .config file, so I'll never know, but I built a new kernel  
> tonight, making sure that I selected built-in for everything,  and the 
> loop dev works now.  I'll keep this .config, because I left out a patch 
> I need for busybox and have to do it again.  Keeps my typing up to 
> speed. Thanks again.

That's one of the few things about Linux that really annoys me.  Just
about everything I've read on rebuilding the kernel tells you to start
with "make mrproper", but no-one tells you that this will erase the
existing .config file.  Surely it would be relatively easy to set up
"make configure" or "make menuconfigure" so that it warns you to save
the .config file somewhere else, or to have an option in "make
mrproper" to save the file before it gets hosed?

Last night when I had finished building LFS5.0 on my second PC, I got
to the kernel rebuild and, having typed "./configure" so often, I
copied my existing configuration file to .configure rather than to
.config.  Fortunately I always build a kernel without modules, so that
when LFS 5 started to issue error messages about missing module files,
I realized fairly quickly what I'd done wrong.

_Almost_ everything is working now (to be continued on the BLFS



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