long grub story

michael michael8110 at terra.com.br
Fri Feb 13 18:04:44 PST 2004

to make a long story short:
1-bought a new hd and enslaved it to the existing one;
2-copied win and lfs partitions to the new hd;
3-put the two new partitions on boot magic menu;
4- new win boots but new lfs doesn't (i get 'GRUB'and a blinking cursor 
but it's dead);
5-i put new lfs on old lfs' grub menu.lst and it boots from there 
without a problem,and its configuration files were not changed for the 
good reason that i had  no access to them;
 6-i switch slave and master;
7-i boot into the win on the new hd with boot magic rescue diskette;
8-i put new lfs on the boot magic menu;
9-new lfs doesn't boot;
10 -after some fiddling around with a grub shell that now appeared (as 
opposed to the previous situation) it boots but panics because it's 
looking for old root device
11-with no way into new lfs i switch back slave and master
12-i change /boot/grub/menu.lst and /etc/fstab on new lfs to the values 
they'll have when the new hd is master again
13-slave and master change places again
14-everything's working.
1-how can grub mounted on a partition's boot sector ,not the MBR,have 
access to other partitions (on different drives)?
2-why did new lfs boot without any changes to its configuration files in 
the first case and demanded all the reconfiguring in the second ?
to understand the world,one has to escape from it

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