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Barry Sharpe bsharpe at
Thu Feb 12 07:05:55 PST 2004

I thank everyone for thier replies on this.

i could not get either Red Hat or LFS to boot. I used the trusty boot disk to get me into rescue mode but once i had mounted the hda4 partition the only directroies i could see where sources and tools all others had gone. I then tried to do a Red hat update via the cd install to replace the grub loaders so that i could get Red hat up and runing this failed. In the end i went for a reinstall of red hat. I deleted the hda1 partition and the hda2 partition and then merged them and just installed red hat on what is now hda1. rather then the default 103mb boot partition red hat seems to like. 

I will have to start the LFS build over again, but i don't mind, i seem to be learning everytime. The good thing is my source directory is still intack so i don't have to download the files all over again. so again thanks the last build took me 3 weeks to get through and it hurts when it is lost. 

Just two questions 

why has the sources and tools directory survived when all others seem to have gone?

and sfdisk now reports the following

/dev/hda1     *     0+   649     650-   5221093+     83    linux
/dev/hda2            0        -           0                  0        0    empty
/dev/hda3            650  714        65     522112+     82    linux swap
/dev/hda4            715  2433   1719 13807867+    83   linux

is the above configuration a good setup? Before reinstalling LFS is thier anything i should take into account here? specfically hda2 and the fact that hda1 and hda4 seemed to share the same id.


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