broken bash!?

B. Adel netdur at
Thu Feb 12 01:11:41 PST 2004

Hey, I bought hard copy of  "linux from scratch 4.1" with cd... I bought it because I don't have internet access at
home, I use internet at net cafe, and internet services is too bad to download all that packages needed to build
linux from scratch, so! I run red hat 9, develop packages is pre-installed, I made free partition but formated as
ext3 not ext2, everything else is fine... but I couldn't install bash-2.5a which I got with the book

cd bash-2.5a
 /configure --enable-static-link --prefix=/mnt/hda8/static --with-curses
 /configure: line 44: conf2441.file: No such file or directory
 /configure: line 780: config.log: No such file or directory

what wrong?
thanks in advance

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