/etc/fstab early creation

Eric Pratt pratte at ecn.purdue.edu
Wed Feb 11 20:27:17 PST 2004

Is there any problem with creating an empty /etc/fstab file in LFS 5.0
chapter 6 before mounting /proc?  I don't know why there would be and I
would like to get rid of the "can't open /etc/fstab" message.  It's not a
big deal.  Just annoying.  I didn't see anyting in the FAQ saying this was
good or bad.  I am also curious about the rason why it isn't touched
before creating /proc.  If anyone knows the reason, please let me know.

Also, will filesystems in /etc/fstab be mounted at chroot?  In other
words, will creating /etc/fstab and populating it with /proc and /dev/pts
make it easier to chroot back into the lfs system if I need to leave it
for any reason?  Or, am I just doomed to mounting these filesystems
everytime I chroot?  Also not a big deal.  Just annoying.

I suppose I could try it, but before I do something that could mess up my
LFS build, I thought I would ask.



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