LFS cloning

daniel widyanto kunil at dsp.itb.ac.id
Thu Feb 12 00:33:06 PST 2004

How can I make my CDROM/partition bootable ? Should I follow " Making LFS
Bootable" part again ?

> The easiest way is to tar/bzip2 it up and copy it to another
> computer/partition. Make sure you exclude the /proc directory.
> I have saved a few versions of lfs this and copied them all to a
> bootable CD. I then boot up with the CD, mount the hard drive,
> uncompress the tar file and voila.
> David

>>>> grudziar at linuxhightech.com 02/11/04 12:01pm >>>
> I would like to clone my LFS system from the desktop onto my laptop
> (assume an empty hard drive on the laptop).  Is there a way of doing
> that?
> Thanks.
> Arkady.

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