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Ken Moffat ken at
Wed Feb 11 07:22:04 PST 2004

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, Barry Sharpe wrote:

> The RH9 system was only ever going to be a host system whilst i built LFS
> it has nothing of consequence on it. However, it has teken me some weeks
> to get LFS this far i sure would hate to have to start again.
 Exactly.  Even "just a host" typically contains network access, it's
often useful to be able to refer back to it for comparison/

> That sounds right i did a find /grub/stage1 in the grub shell and it pointed me to (hd0,0)
> But now i am confussed, i new that RH9 suggested the 100mb root partition, so is grub
> giving me the locations of the host systems stage files? will i now be able just to copy
> the stage files from the LFS partition and then put an entry into my fstab file? should
> i now recompile the kernal? I guess i don't mind now giving the root partition over to LFS
> but what files should i copy? to make sure that LFS will be able to boot from the drive?

 I think maybe Meher has answered your problem, i.e. /boot (hda1) isn't
mounted (or else you haven't copied the grub files to it).  Not
attempting to answer the detail on stage files, I don't know.  I can
tell you that there doesn't seem to be any need to recompile the kernel
- within grub's setup you pass parameters such as root= to each kernel
you have there, you can easily have four systems on different partitions
and (leaving aside /lib/modules) one kernel could boot into all of them
(not recommended, but possible).

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