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Wed Feb 11 05:47:18 PST 2004

>>> ken at 11/02/2004 13:14:11 >>>
>>On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, Barry Sharpe wrote:

>> I am trying to complete the "Making the LFS system bootable"
>> LFS is on hda4 i am not concearned about retaining my RH9 distro as at some point i would like too destroy those partitions and get them ready for  LFS 5.1 or a similar
>>             project.

>At this point, you *should* be concerned not to damage it.  Once you
>have LFS running, and you've used it enough to know that nothing
>important (to you) is missing or broken, is the time to let it go,

The RH9 system was only ever going to be a host system whilst i built LFS
it has nothing of consequence on it. However, it has teken me some weeks 
to get LFS this far i sure would hate to have to start again. 

>> I have created a .boot symlink in \boot pointing to itself.
> >any help would be appreciated.

>I've minimal experience at getting grub set up, but I think a symlink
>pointing to itself is unlikely to help for anything.  If /boot (the
>first partition) is where you want to keep grub, I think the root needs
>to be hd(0,0) and the files all need to be copied over to that
>partition.  What I'm saying is that the root for grub bears no relation
>to the root= parameter you pass to the kernel.

That sounds right i did a find /grub/stage1 in the grub shell and it pointed me to (hd0,0)
But now i am confussed, i new that RH9 suggested the 100mb root partition, so is grub 
giving me the locations of the host systems stage files? will i now be able just to copy 
the stage files from the LFS partition and then put an entry into my fstab file? should 
i now recompile the kernal? I guess i don't mind now giving the root partition over to LFS
but what files should i copy? to make sure that LFS will be able to boot from the drive?

>OTOH, if you want to install grub on hda4 that's a different can of
>worms - you'll need to chain to it from the master boot record.


Many thanks Ken i think i will skip the chaining for now as this is complicated enougth.


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