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Ken Moffat ken at
Wed Feb 11 05:14:11 PST 2004

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, Barry Sharpe wrote:

> I am trying to complete the "Making the LFS system bootable"
> LFS is on hda4 i am not concearned about retaining my RH9 distro as at some point i would like too destroy those partitions and get them ready for  LFS 5.1 or a similar project.

 At this point, you *should* be concerned not to damage it.  Once you
have LFS running, and you've used it enough to know that nothing
important (to you) is missing or broken, is the time to let it go,

> I have created a .boot symlink in \boot pointing to itself.
> any help would be appreciated.

 I've minimal experience at getting grub set up, but I think a symlink
pointing to itself is unlikely to help for anything.  If /boot (the
first partition) is where you want to keep grub, I think the root needs
to be hd(0,0) and the files all need to be copied over to that
partition.  What I'm saying is that the root for grub bears no relation
to the root= parameter you pass to the kernel.

 OTOH, if you want to install grub on hda4 that's a different can of
worms - you'll need to chain to it from the master boot record.

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