CH 5, LFS 5.1-pre1 Installation of kernel headers

sal seanarc90 at
Tue Feb 10 05:28:14 PST 2004

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004 00:06:49 +1100, sal wrote:

> Hi,
> In following the isntructions in the section for "Installing Linux-2.4.24
> headers" they use a command line:
> mkdir /tools/include/asm
> Shouldnt this be:
> mkdir $LFS/tools/include/asm
> As doesnt the first command create the structure /tools/include/asm at the
> HOST's root directory, rather than at the $LFS directory??
> Cheers.

P.S The reason why I have asked is although the file is created 
in the $LFS directory (symlink), I have also found the similiar directory
on the host system. Just want to make sure that either all systems will
have this direcotry, or that I have done something wrong.


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