Problem with kernel build

Ken Moffat ken at
Mon Feb 9 13:32:57 PST 2004

On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, J.Paul Rinehimer wrote:

> Problem solved!

> nm vmlinux | grep -v '\(compiled\)\|\(\.o$\)\|\( [aUw] \)\|\(\.\.ng$\)\|\(LASH[RL]DI\)' | sort >
> /bin/sh: line 1: grep: command not found
> So I looked around the system and found out that I must of forgotten to
> install grep That can happen when you compile a package, then go to
> kitchen for a sandwich while you wait :-)
> Grep was available for all the other packages installed in Chap 6
> because it was still in the static toolchain which was in the old path.
> When I chroot'd into the new environment at the end of Chap. 6, however,
> grep was no longer there, so the file wasn't created properly.

 First time I've seen that particular problem, I guess it's another
thing for us to remember - a lot of things might be accidentally omitted
without causing obvious problems because they are still found in
/tools/bin.  Thanks for explaining it.

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