Strange badblocks error - is this a problem?

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Mon Feb 9 04:02:18 PST 2004

On Mon, 09 Feb 2004 12:48:57 +0100, Rainer Peter Feller 
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> On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Tom Clerckx wrote:
>> Hello I read the thread about "Strange bad blocks" on:
>> >From what I understand from it, this appears when the size of the 
>> partition
>> is not a multiple of the block size, right?
>> Now, I checked this on my gentoo system and I get the same bad block 
>> errors:
>> ===================================
>> Checking for bad blocks in read-only mode
>> >From block 0 to 41945683
>> 41945680
>> 41945681
>> 41945682
>> Pass completed, 3 bad blocks found.
>> ===================================
>> Now I want to know if this bad block error is harmfull to my system or 
>> not?
>> Do you think I should re-partition the disk, so the partition size is N 
>> x
>> blocksize, with N being a positive integer number?
>> Greetings, Tom Clerckx.
> you should back up EVERYTHING from this crapy disc, return it to the shop
> where you got it from and ask for replacement ASAP!
> three bad blocks are not much, but it tells one that the 
> hotfixcylinder(s)
> is (are) already used and the lifecicle of this disk has been over since
> three blocks ...
>   H
> CUH Rainer Peter Feller
>   H

Rainer, you should read the thread he cited in the beginning. It was 
determined that running badblocks would always report the last few 
(usually 3 as in this case) blocks as bad given certain conditions with 
partition and filesystem endings in different places or something like 
that. It does not appear to be an indication of a bad drive. I am no 
hardware expert by any means, but thats what I pulled from that thread 
when it was originally on this list.

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