Strange badblocks error - is this a problem?

Tom Clerckx tclerckx at
Mon Feb 9 03:41:07 PST 2004

Hello I read the thread about "Strange bad blocks" on:

>From what I understand from it, this appears when the size of the partition 
is not a multiple of the block size, right?

Now, I checked this on my gentoo system and I get the same bad block errors:
Checking for bad blocks in read-only mode
>From block 0 to 41945683
Pass completed, 3 bad blocks found.

Now I want to know if this bad block error is harmfull to my system or not?
Do you think I should re-partition the disk, so the partition size is N x 
blocksize, with N being a positive integer number?

Greetings, Tom Clerckx.

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