Dont forget to install : glibc-static-devel

daniel widyanto kunil at
Mon Feb 9 10:00:40 PST 2004

I'm really sorry if this has been discussed before.

I was using LFS-4.1. There was suppose a note that told us to install
glibc-static lib (mine, Mandrake9.2 call it : glibc-static-devel) before
compiling /static (or /tools for LFS-5.0).

But that note is dissapear in LFS-5.0, and that's why I get error " -lc
not found; ld error" when I compile gcc3.3.3 pass 1 on ch 5 LFS-5.0

I hope it can be inserted in the next LFS version.
Thank You.

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