Problem with kernel build

Thomas Morgenthaler tmwhvch at
Sun Feb 8 13:36:47 PST 2004


The disk space on the host system, its doesn't matter. I mean the 
i-nodes from /dev/hdb1. You use 2607656 from 3023608 kb. I don't know 
how many files and used blocks under /dev/hdb1 exists. If you have a few 
more litle files, you can have a problem with the i-nodes. This is a 
ext2 problem. You can have GBs left on disk space, and no room for new 
files. The error message, from the system, is the same, if you have no 
i-nodes or no space.
Read the man page about ext2 (man mkfs.ext2) and 
Documentation/filesystems/ext2.txt in the kernel documentation.


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