LFS 5.0 - Chpt 7 - Creating /etc/hosts file

Andy Neebel aneebel at bradley.edu
Thu Feb 5 06:55:32 PST 2004

On Thu, 05 Feb 2004 19:42:08 -0600, Albert wrote:

> I am at a complete loss as you how to set up this file.  I have an 
> ethernet card that is connected to a cable modem.  I am on a 
> standalone, single user machine.  My understanding is that my IP 
> address is assigned dynamically by my ISP.  Is there a hint for this 
> configuration?  Isn't an ethernet card a network card?

Yes it is.  If your ISP used DHCP, there are instructions in the BLFS book
that explain how to set up for that.  For this part of the LFS book it
doesn't matter too much what you do, because most of it gets written over
by the BLFS instructions.  Your other option would be to read BLFS now and
use those instructions in concert with the LFS book, but it is easier just
to finish LFS, and then install DHCP while still in the chroot.  The DHCP
instructions are written to partially assume that you have a networking
card, so you are probably best off picking that option.


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