Really Easy Path Problem :)

Dale Atkin datkin at
Thu Feb 5 10:48:34 PST 2004

I assume this is an easy one, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to try
installing glibc 3.3.1 (i think that was the version). Anyways I got so far
in the process, gave up, and figured I had better try it by the book to
begin with (ran in to the problem that the patch for the older version
corrects). Anyways, I went back and pulled off the recommended version (from
LFS 5.0), and had no trouble until I got to "locking in glibc".

When trying to run my new gcc, it was looking for cc1, and couldn't find it.
So where do I tell it where to find cc1? I tried symbolicly linking it to
somewhere in the path, but that didn't work.


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