Problems compiling Perl LFS 5.0 chapter 5

Ken Moffat ken at
Thu Feb 5 07:33:54 PST 2004

On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Marco Teeuwen wrote:

> Hi Ken,
> >  You've said you are writing scripts, so my main assumption is that
> > something in the scripts is wrong.  Do you have /tools/lib/ ?
> > Exceptionally, it's an ascii ld script, if you cat it you can see the
> > reference to /tools/lib/
> >
> >  If that's missing, you've got big problems.  If it's present, have you
> > linked against it up to now ?  For example, does `ldd /tools/bin/bash'
> > show it linking to /tools/lib/, /tools/lib/,
> > /tools/lib/, and /tools/lib/ ?
> >
> I'm indeed missing /tools/lib/ Actually, I'm missing all the files
> you suggested doing ldd against. The /tools/lib directory looks awfully
> empty, just 6 files... I'm going to run the glibc and locking-glibc
> scripts by hand to see if anything goes wrong. At least now I have a place
> to look at.

Sorry about the delay responding, I didn't have time to read this list
yesterday.  The first library I suggested comes from ncurses, the rest
from libc (the linkage is perhaps modified in "locking in glibc").  My
own scripts currently seem to fail at the end of the second build of
binutils (damn, they worked until this week) - looking at
/mnt/lfs/tools/lib shows in excess of 100 object files, libraries, and
symlinks.  You are a lot further on, it looks as if your scripts have
broken badly.

Almost every ch5 package uses --prefix=/tools to determine where its
files are installed.  Maybe you got clever with the scripts using some
conditional processing to set this, and it has broken.  Maybe it's a
simple typo somewhere, perhaps compounded by compensating "fixes" you've
applied after misunderstanding the problem.

Basically, how much of the script(s) change between different hosts ?
Do you edit them each time ?  Is there any conditional processing
based on identifying which host or architecture it's running on ?  Do
you have any logs of the installs, even just logging `make install' can
help you see where files were installed to.  Another possibility is that
everything was built fine, then an "Act of Root", perhaps outside
chroot, inadvertently removed a chunk of it.

 You are into forensic or post-mortem debugging now - you've got
whatever evidence is available, now you need to piece it together.  If
there's any advice I can give, contact me off-list.

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