LFS 5.0 gcc-3.3.1 on command "make -k check" error's.

Barry Sharpe bsharpe at cre.gov.uk
Thu Feb 5 06:42:25 PST 2004

>>> bsharpe at cre.gov.uk 05/02/2004 12:30:33 >>>

>>i have an error which i am having trouble solving. i paste the error 
>>below. any help would be much appreciated. I have gone back and 
>>checked my PTY's which passes fine, i have also re performed the   
>>sanity check which outputs the /lib/ld-linux.so.2 as the interpreter, i >>have also chroot back into the LFS root from the script suggested on >>page 104. I did a search on google and found only one reference to >>this specific error where the issue was resolved by issuing the 
>>command make -k check several times which cleared the error. But i am >>unsure as to whether i should do this, i am guessing these programs >>are going to be critical to a stable OS.   

I looked at the error again, the test that gave the error seemed to go much quicker than the 2nd pass in chapter 5 so i decided to run through the "installing GCC-3.3.1" documentation and retrack my steps. i then unpacked the files into the /sources/gcc-3.3.1 rather than copy it to a build directory i had created of the root. I then very carefully issued the /configure command again and then the make command and then the make -k check. This time the tests have gone ok other then the listed errors suggested in the book. So what did i do wrong the first time? I am leaning towards not issuing the make command between /configure and make -k check. it imay also be possible that moving the files from the source directory may have caused problems. or i may have issued a bad switch command in /configure options. whichever it is it's a user error and hence my apologies yet again. This is a confidence issue with a new OS i shall get better. 


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