gcc 3.3.2 pass 2

John Paul John.Paul at wanadoo.fr
Thu Feb 5 04:33:24 PST 2004

Should I remove the sourcedir (where gcc was untarred) et the builddir 
of gcc for  the 2nd pass.
Nowhere I saw in the last book (LFS 5.1) I must remove or not builddir & 
sourcedir after the 1st pass of gcc.
For 2nd, it is mentionned : patches applying (fixinclude & specs) and 
mkdir gcc-build again.

So, I'm not sure that I should leave gcc-3.3.2 sourcedir and untar the 
source tarball in the same sourcedir for applying patches.
I suppose I can remove old dirs and build gcc-3.3.2 from "scratch" for 
the 2nd pass.

am I wrong ?

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