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Arkady Grudzinsky grudziar at
Tue Feb 3 15:03:46 PST 2004

On Tue, 3 Feb 2004, Kevin Alm wrote:

> > Now I have another problem.  I tried to add an item to GRUB menu for my
> > host system which resides on two partitions: hda2 (ext2, /boot) and hda3
> > (reiserfs, /).  In menu.lst, I entered
> >
> > title SuSE
> > root (hd0,2)
> > kernel (hd0,1)/vmlinuz
> >
> title SuSE
> root (hd?,?)  this should point to the partition where menu.lst, stage1,
> stage2, etc. reside.

I thought, in the menu.lst 'root (hd?,?)' should point to the root
partition of the OS.  Is there a difference between the menu.lst syntax

root (hd0,2)
kernel (hd0,1)/vmlinuz


kernel (hd0,1)/vmlinuz root=(hd0,2) ?

I experimented with grub shell a little and I think I was able to boot my
LFS system typing both

root (hd1,1)
kernel (hd1,1)/boot/lfskernel


kernel=(hd1,1)/boot/lfskernel root=(hd1,1)

So I thought that the two command sets are identical.

If I type

root (hd1,1)
kernel (hd0,1)/vmlinuz

How is the loader going to know that the host system root partition is
(hd0,2)?  Or is it where initrd comes into play? Should I type

root (hd1,1)
kernel (hd0,1)/vmlinuz
initrd (hd0,1)/initrd ?

> kernel (hd0,0)/vmlinuz root=hde2 ro
> Is your lfs kernel really in hda1?

There is a double confusion here. First, yes, I typed the wrong partition
in my e-mail, because I send the e-mail from another machine and type from
memory. The partition with the host system kernel is (hd0,1) (/dev/hda2).
(I corrected the snips of my e-mails above to avoid confusion.) But I did
type correct partitions in menu.lst. Second, my LFS kernel is on /dev/hde2
(hd1,1) and boots OK.  I was asking about booting my HOST system SuSE 7.2
which used LILO.  /dev/hda2 does not have grub installed.  GRUB is
installed on /dev/hde2 (hd1,1), along with my LFS system.  I thought, it
is sufficient to install grub in one place.  Sorry for the confusion.


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