Preparing binutils-2.14 for compiliation on Linux 2.4 20-8 RH9desktop

Barry Sharpe barry at
Tue Feb 3 13:05:43 PST 2004

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> On Tue, 03 Feb 2004 14:20:54 +0000, Barry Sharpe <bsharpe at>
> wrote:
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> > severall issues but have managed to get around them. One of the things i
> > have noticed with the LFS manual is that it is not entirely clear what
> > the directory structure should look like. I would be in the LFS home
> > directory and type mkdir ../binutils-build i would obviously get a
> > permissions denied but rather than question the manual i would su as
> > root and then issue the mkdir command again the end result i was trying
> > to build the binutils package outside of the lfs home directory which is
> > why i think i had the previous issue. Now i create the directories
> > inside the lfs home folder and the compiles have so far gone ok. this
> > could be wrong of course.
> You need to re-read the introduction to chapter five. It will clarify this
> for you.
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Thanks got it, by the time i got to the binutils build i had forgotten about
that. i had already cd out of the directory
and then issued the mkdir ../. it was a stupid maistake.


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