what is NLS?

James Robertson jwrober at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Feb 3 08:07:01 PST 2004

Barry Sharpe wrote:
>>>>shambhu_1980 at yahoo.com 03/02/2004 12:28:16 >>>
> Hi all,
>          I am asking a very silly question. I am a
> beginner and very less knowledge about kernel. I want
> to know that what does NLS means? I mean if i compile
> a kernel with NLS support and some other language
> other than en_US then what will happen? Is there any
> tutorial  about this then plz send me.
> Thanx in adv
> Shambhu
> I am very new also but will be able to tell you what NLS means. this may give you some further search options in google. NLS means Native Language Support. 
> i have not figured out how it works yet hoping that will come in the manual a bit later on. I appologise if this is not what you are looking for.
> Barry
  Hi guys,

NLS does stand for Native Language Support.  It is a set of libraries 
and other code/tools that is installed with glibc and some other 
packages (iconv comes to mind).  These tools provide the mechanism for 
other packages to be able to "speak" another language other than 
english.  A package has to be programmed to support internationalization 
(a.k.a i18n).  The kernel is fully i18n compliant.  Other things like 
keymaps for other language keyboards and things all go into i18n.

Hope this helps

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