Preparing binutils-2.14 for compiliation on Linux 2.4 20-8 RH9desktop

Barry Sharpe bsharpe at
Tue Feb 3 06:20:54 PST 2004

>>> bsharpe at 02/02/2004 11:22:49 >>>
>>>Error : Too many levels of symbolic links.

>>>This may have more to do with an unstable host OS. I am getting odd >>>errors with gnome especially when i try to access a terminal window >>>which on some occations just reboots the computer or i lose the desktop.
>>>However, the OS has become unstable since working on the LFS project, >>>so it may be that this error is affecting the desktop. As i intend to use >>>the LFS OS i am hoping to keep RH9 alive until i am in a position to ditch >>>it.

I have sorted this problem.. 

Firstly i had a corrupt file system that would not let me boot linux then once i managed to repair the file system the enviroment seemd to constantly corrupt. I would ad hoc lose my $LFS settings. I replaced the hard drive and then rebuilt linux this has worked fine. I still had severall issues but have managed to get around them. One of the things i have noticed with the LFS manual is that it is not entirely clear what the directory structure should look like. I would be in the LFS home directory and type mkdir ../binutils-build i would obviously get a permissions denied but rather than question the manual i would su as root and then issue the mkdir command again the end result i was trying to build the binutils package outside of the lfs home directory which is why i think i had the previous issue. Now i create the directories inside the lfs home folder and the compiles have so far gone ok. this could be wrong of course.

Thanks to anybody whom may have spent time on this 


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