Meher Khiari meher.khiari at netwaybsb.com
Mon Feb 2 23:59:30 PST 2004

> What gives here? It says to keep Source and Build as they are
> for pass 2.
> Then as soon as we start pass 2 it say "replace BinUtils-build".
> I'm confused.

Between pass 1 and pass 2, there is the Locking in, and here it says :
"Now that the adjusted linker is installed, you have to remove the Binutils
build and source directories.".
Also in Ch6 | Re-adjusting the toolchain (just before the binutils build),
we can read :
"You can now remove the Binutils source and build directories".

As I see, there is no problem with the binutils-build and sourcce dirs !!!!!

> I assume here that the steps between BinUtils Pass 1 and Pass
> 2 need and use
> the BinUtils Source and Build dir?
> Then when we start pass 2 we just delete them?
> The book is Clearly not clear on this.
Now it is more clear (I suppose)

> Question 1:
> I thought we simply untar'ed the source to a dir then built
> in a new and
> separate Build dir which should have left the source just as
> it was when it
> was untar'ed? Is this correct? The "configure" with the
> --prefix=/tools put
> it all in the tools right?
> Question 2:
> Then in CH 5 pass 2 we discarded the build and began making a
> new one. But
> if it all went into the tools dir on pass one and two, then
> why did we have
> to keep these from pass one to two, and then again from pass
> two (CH5) to
> CH6?
Read the thouroughly and you will see the response to theses questions !

bye (Good luck)

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