LFS 5 on OLD machine

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Mon Feb 2 16:57:23 PST 2004

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> Howdy
> I'm a newbie to both Linux and LFS. I'm working on installing LFS
> 5.0 (stable) on an old Dell Pentium 200 (pre MMX) with 64 MB
> mem. The host is SuSE 8.2.  I'm using the first 5 gig of a 30 gig
> drive for LFS. SuSE is on the other 25, as is the swap partition per
> Chap. 3.  If anyone has done this version on a machine this old, I
> would appreciate knowing if:
> glibc took 11 hours to make, check and install, gcc took 6, etc.,
> the gcc part of the testsuite in both the Chap 5 second pass and in
> Chap 6 had 7 failures due to timeouts on the gcc-torture-compile
> tests.
> Due to circumstances within my control but evidently beyond my
> competence, I have done this three times, now, and the times and
> errors have been essentially the same each time, so I've just
> chalked it up to the age of the machine. But I'd like to hear from
> someone if they think this is unreasonable.
> Thanks alot.
> tom

I've not done it on a machine that "old"...but I have on non-compatible cpus
that are essentially identically to 486s.  You do need to ensure you're not
enabling any instruction sets the cpu doesn't support.  Also, you can speed
up the compilation significantly by using -Os instead of -O3.  In the case
of an old machine with smaller cache and ram sizes, the final binary may
even be faster as well.


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