GRUB setup

Arkady Grudzinsky grudziar at
Mon Feb 2 10:18:27 PST 2004

Hi, everyone.

I have recently compiled and installed all packages following LFS 5.0 book
to the letter.  The only problem I have is making the system bootable.

My host OS is SuSE Linux 7.2 with LILO.

Here is the list of the hard drives and partitions on my system:

hda1	swap
hda2	ext2		host system /boot
hda3	reiserfs	host system /

hde1	swap
hde2	reiserfs	LFS /

hdg1	swap
hdg2	reiserfs

I copied the stage1, stage2, and reiserfs_stage1_5 into /boot/grub of my
LFS partition.

In grub shell I typed:

root (hd1,1)
setup (hd0)

That produced a message that the necessary files were found and the
install was successful.

In menu.lst I have:

title LFS 5.0
kernel (hd1,1)/boot/lfskernel root=/dev/hde2

When I try to reboot the system, I get "GRUB GRUB GRUB..." in a cycle all
over the screen.

What did I do wrong?



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